Our Skins product is a 3M based material and adhesive which permanent adheres to the external casing of Notebooks or PCs covering blemishes and providing a uniform, clean, scratch; abrasion resistant surface.  Each skin is custom manufactured to exactly fit a specific Notebook or PC model in shape, size and finish.  Once applied the Skin is permanently bound to the product’s surface.  Our Skins are a cost effective way of increasing the value of products which suffer from cosmetic blemishes but are otherwise fully functional and usable.  The issues Skins resolve are:

  • Discolouration – Over time light can cause discolouration on on the plastic cases of IT equipment which most consumer will not accept products with faded patterns on their coverings as Professional Refurbished
  • Scratches & Scrapes – Most common products show more than minor signs of wear and tear from use which will deter most consumers from purchasing the product
  • Adhesive Removal – Many Corporations use permanently adhered Asset Tags and/or Security Tags to identify and track their Corporate IT Assets which the only method of removal is scraping the tags off marring the plastic casing of the product

Our Skins program is a key example of how we provide value.  Not only are returning more value to our IT Disposition clients by yielding a higher amount of Marketable assets, but achieving a more durable, valuable product as the end results as well.

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