Our QuickFix Program is a key piece of our overall commitment to our IT Disposition Clients to provide ‘Best-in-Class’ Return Value for their End-Of-Life Assets.  We’ve adapted our Testing and Auditing process to allow for immediate component replacement as we diagnose missing or defective components.  This matched with our experience in sourcing repair components allows us to on-the-fly fix many issues that our competitors will classify as defective.  The value this brings to you:

  •  Ease Of Business – Less time wasted by your Staff searching for, buying, and installing components to ensure value is received for the Assets
  • Increased Return – Increased return value as potential failed and / or defective Assets are renewed cost effectively
  • Complete Solution – One complete stop for IT Disposition without the worry or headache of providing Assets with missing items or spending valuable IT Staff time sorting and preparing End-Of-Life Assets

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