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Public eWaste Depot

We will be accepting public eWaste during regular business hours Monday to Friday 9-5pm, Saturday 10-2pm at:

Unit 3-100 Sheldon Drive, Cambridge, Ontario, Phone 519.622.8324

Accepted materials are:

  • Computer PCs (Desktops, Towers, Notebooks, Apple PC, Tablet PCs, Servers)
  • Display Products (CRT TVs, LCD TVs, LCD Monitors, CRT Monitors, Projectors)
  • Telephony Products (Telephones, Cell Phones, E-Readers, Fax Machines)
  • Printer Products (Printers, Toner Cartridges, Copiers)
  • Accessories (Computer Peripherals, Home Stereo Equipment, VCR/DVD Players, Speakers, Scanners, Modems, Radios, Cables)

Any questions or concerns regarding our public eWaste drop off please Contact Us by clicking here.