Our Corporate eWaste Recycling Programs are an integral part of our overall IT Disposition program offered at Tech Wreckers Inc.  Our role is to provide a complete solution for our client’s IT Disposition needs, and the critical backstop to that service is the ability to De-Manufacture IT Assets into their Base Materials when products are not fit, capable or allowed to be Reused and Remarketed.

Typical reasons that IT Assets we receive are not deemed fit for Remarketing:

  • Age – Too old to have demand in the market
  • Defective – Faulty beyond repair / replacement
  • Consumable – Non-reusable items (CDs, casings, depleted batteries, consumables)
  • Market – Some commercial assets do not have an established secondary market or demand
  • Request – Client has requested products are only processed for Recycling

When Recycling is the only option we are committed 100% that no IT Assets we receive will end up in our landfills.  Tech Wreckers adheres to all Provincial Legislation regarding eWaste Disposal and only uses Provincially Approved Processors and downstream agents through the OES Program (Ontario Electronics Stewardship).

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