From our experience Security is the number one concern of corporations express regarding their End-of-Life IT Assets.  At Tech Wreckers we been able to achieve very unique security features at our Processing Centre that will ensure you Assets are consistently processed correctly.

  • Focused Facility – Our processing facility is exclusively used for processing End-of-Life IT Assets and no other business.  This singular focus on one  set of procedures ensures there is no confusion of how products are processed.  This limits any risk of confusion,miss shipment, or miss identification of product.  Our competitors ship resale products out from the same docks they receive data-bearing assets in, increasing the risks that unprocessed, data-bearing products can be shipped externally.
  • Limited Shipments – Assets which complete our IT Disposition Process are exclusively forwarded to our downstream partners for De-Manufacturing to Base Materials, or to our Refurbishing Centre for further processing and resale.  This limits our Processing Centre to the absolute minimum outbound shipments and this physical break ensures we cannot in error ship unprocessed client assets on an outbound sales order for our remarketing business.
  • Caged Quarantine – We’ve invested significantly in providing a Secured, Caged, Quarantine area to store any Data-Bearing Client assets.  Our Secure Quarantine can hold well over 40 pallets of IT equipment.
  • Second Processing – After processing through data eradication every computer is imaged for testing using our Microsoft Refurbisher utilities.  This re-installation process acts as a single pass data eradication further ensuring sensitive data is removed and acts as another processing hard stop as a computer would be required to successfully boot with this new specific image and testing software to be passed for resale.

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