At Tech Wreckers process is everything.  Strict and in depth processing standards is how we ensure our Clients that their Assets have been processed correctly and in a timely manner.  Every procedure has a fail safe measure and fallback plan

  • Industry Leading – Committed to partnering with only the best solutions for the sake of our clients satisfaction such as using globally recognized WhiteCanyon WipeDrive for Data Eradication
  • Strict Process – We committed significant resources to ensure our procedures are air-tight and fail-safe.  Each stage of our process is bar code forwarding and attached to our data eradication log files, ensuring no asset can leave unless the proper procedures have been performed successfully.
  • Secondary Procedures – All of our security procedures have secondary procedures in the event that our primary process is not successful.  A good example of this is our Hard Drive Press which we can safely render any Hard Drive Data unobtainable and safe.
  • Documentation – Every project we process, where applicable our clients will receive: Certificate of Destruction for Assets recycled, Certificate of Data Eradication for Assets which have been data erased,  Test and Audit report confirming the condition of any marketable products received,  Project Summary including agreed upon costs and return value results.

For more information on our in depth process or a copy of our Standard Operating Procedure please Contact Us by clicking here.