Our experience in the industry has helped us build our network of trusted, reliable and secure logistics partners who have spent years maturing their solution to the types of logistical needs which IT Asset Disposition business brings.  We have the capacity to provide logistical solutions which are:

  • Flexible – Tech Wreckers can arrange logistics to any level that would best suit your needs; from pulling the product off every desk, picking up and palletizing the product from a central storage location, picking up packaged pallets at your dock, to having our dock ready for your shipment.
  • Reliable – Our contractors we use for these services are 100% vetted and bonded and have significant experience in performing these duties in the past.
  • Secure – The security level of these shipments are flexible to suit your needs. We can provide transportation services from:
    • Appointment based shipment with Locked and Serialize band storage compartment and security chaperone
    • direct drive dock-to-dock exclusive shipment
    • to standard, pallet based, co-mingled shipments.

Having faced and successfully overcome these challenges in the past has dutifully prepared us to successfully take on the challenges that your business may bring.  For more information on our Logistics Capacity please Contact Us by clicking here.