Many companies in our business say they Refurbish products but in most cases they provide testing, auditing and cleaning services only.  Our company is pioneering advances in true refurbishment Increasing the Value of the Assets we receive:

  • Skins Product, model specific, vinyl exterior coverage which permanently adheres to product removing cosmetic blemishes and providing scratch and damage resistant surface.
  • QuickFix Program, providing replacement components at cost for IT Assets received with easily replaceable, failed or missing components.
  • Microsoft Refurbisher Designation, allows us to complete the refurbishment process by applying new legal and legitimate Operating Systems and Office suites to our refurbished PCs including fully updated installation of software with original drivers and restore media.

With these programs in place we ensure:

  • Return – Increase the yield of Grade A, marketable equipment which adds to the return value we can generate for our IT Disposition Clients
  • Value – Provide higher quality PC products to our Refurbished PC Clients maintaining their satisfaction

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